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Nov 6 – RegeNErate Nebraska: Growing Nebraska Communities From The Soil Up

Wednesday, November 6th

In a new era with increased extreme climatic events, Nebraska agriculture is facing serious challenges.  However, the solution lies in the soil through regenerative farming and ranching practices that offer us the best chance to reduce rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions and prevent water from further degradation, all while creating new economic opportunities around food production.  This presentation will focus on the numerous problems with the current agriculture model and offer a glimpse of the work that is already transforming Nebraska into a regenerative ag leader.


Graham P. Christensen was born in Omaha and grew up nearby on his family’s farm. Graham first opened his eyes to activism during the 1980’s Farm Crisis in which many family farmers were losing their farms. Graham and his brother would often tag along with their parents to Washington DC and across the country during those years in order to better the lives of struggling farmers. This would have a heavy influence on Graham’s life direction.

Graham graduated from Midland Lutheran College in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, and shortly after graduation he started doing political organizing.

Then in 2007, Graham joined Nebraska Farmers Union. While at the Nebraska Farmers Union Graham helped enroll 1.2 million acres into a carbon sequestration program designed to incent farmers and ranchers for storing carbon through scientifically proven agricultural practices. Christensen also worked on agricultural and energy policy at both the State and Federal level while at the Nebraska Farmers Union.

Currently Christensen is the Founder and President of GC Resolve, a Nebraska business that focuses on grassroots community development, mobilization, and education with an emphasis on environment and the creation of sustainable communities. Current projects under GC Resolve include raising awareness about Nebraska’s rising water quality issues, and educating and advocating for a change in the food production system to “regenerative” farming and ranching principles. Just recently Christensen has teamed up with the Regenerative Ag Alliance, who is helping develop the industry side and marketplace for regenerative products including the Tree Range label for regenerative poultry.

Christensen owns and operates a second business GC ReVOLT, a solar and alternative energy development company, and is now the State Secretary and a Director for the Nebraska Farmers Union. Graham is still actively involved in operating Christensen Farms, Inc. with his family.


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