Thursday, February 7
3:30-4:30 p.m.


Description: As a campus art museum, Sheldon Museum of Art aims to connect with students and faculty through the curriculum and integrate its programming into academic life at the University of Nebraska. To do this, the museum curates its collections to generate and contextualize challenging conversations and promote intellectual exploration. By crossing disciplinary boundaries and connecting diverse schools of thought, Sheldon is drawing more and more classes from outside the traditional arts and humanities into its galleries. Carrie Morgan, curator of academic programs, will share a recent class visit – a first-year environmental studies course – to the museum’s Approaching Landscape exhibition. Through close looking exercises and inquiry-driven conversation, these students grappled with uncertainty, explored new perspectives, and gained self-awareness of their perceptions and experiences with the landscape. This “laboratory” approach to curatorial projects and individual works of art and its learning outcomes map well to the Environmental Studies program’s broad, complex approach to understanding the environment.

Presenter: Carrie Morgan

Carrie is Sheldon Museum of Art’s curator of academic programs. In this role she manages the museum’s education department and liaises with campus partners to connect museum resources with teaching and research. Morgan also contributes to the museum’s initiatives and planning as a member of the Senior Artistic Vision Team. Prior to arriving at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in July 2016, Morgan managed the Moriarty Art and Design Library for Lesley University and provided leadership in the provision of arts related library services across campus, particularly around visual literacy. Carrie has also held the positions of Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Sonoma State University; Fine Arts and Architecture Librarian at the University of Utah; and Assistant Curator for the University of California, Berkeley’s Environmental Design Archives. She has taught college art history courses and worked on several exhibitions at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City:  Spring Fashions, 1 BC (1998); Echoes of Eternity: The Egyptian Mummy and the Afterlife (2000); and Winslow Homer and the Critics: Forging a National Art in the 1870s (2001). Her recent publications include co-editing Landscape at Berkeley: The First 100 Years (2013, The UC Regents) and co-authoring “Factors Affecting the Successful Assessment of a Common Assignment for First Year Composition Information Literacy” (2014, College & Undergraduate Libraries 21(2), 193-209). Morgan holds graduate degrees in both library and information science (MLIS, San Jose State University) and art history (MA, University of Missouri-Kansas City).