Thursday, December 6th
3:30-4:30 pm

This presentation will discuss the history and mission of the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA) to build and promote advanced technologies in buildings and transportation.   With respect to transportation, the presentation will discuss the current state of electric vehicles in the U. S. Then, provide Nebraska-specific details regarding ongoing projects to deploy electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.  The presentation will highlight the economic and environmental benefits of these projects and discuss future charging infrastructure needs in Nebraska.


Anne McCollister
Anne McCollister is the executive director of the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance, a 33-member inter-local cooperative agency. McCollister began developing the Nebraska market for electrified transportation in Nebraska in 2009 prior to the availability of electric vehicles in the state. She co-founded the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA) formally in 2014 with nine municipalities, writing the first top-rated Nebraska Environmental Trust grant for electric vehicles and ChargePoint charging stations. Since 2014, NCEA has invested over $8M in utility scale solar and EV infrastructure projects with the financial partnership of the Trust.

Dr. Moe Alahmad
Moe Alahmad is an Associate Professor with the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, University of Nebraska—Lincoln. His research interests include electrified transportation, renewable energy systems, and remote energy monitoring. He is currently investigating the economic and environmental impact of battery electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure modeling and planning for electrified transportation.