Sustainability at the State Fair

Published September 13, 2018

Photo credit: Nebraska State Fair

The Nebraska State Fair launched its sustainability efforts in the 1990s by recycling used fryer oil. Since then, itโ€™s both launched and expanded recycling, education, and sustainability programs–with measurable and impressive results!

In August 2017, J-Tech Solar installed 98 solar panels onto the roof of the Nebraska Building. Facing south, just above the Game & Parks waterfall and aquariums, the Fair has been collecting solar rays and utilizing the power year-round!

In 2016, NSF started to collect food waste from Concessions. The food waste is used to enhance the composting process of our livestock bedding.

In 2015, NSF worked with EpochLabs to produce an interactive sustainability attraction. The exhibit focused on the sustainability themes of food, water, energy and waste. The exhibit included information on the current NSF environmental efforts and future goals.

In 2014, NSF progressed from oil recycling to an 86% waste diversion! Diversion efforts have been 77% or more each year since.

And from 2012-2017, the State Fair has diverted from the landfill a total of:
12 tons of plastic
20 tons of cardboard
4,687 tons of animal waste and bedding
5,730 gallons of used fryer oil
4,540 pounds of aluminum
3,500 pounds of food waste