The Nebraska Recycling Council supports best practices for the recycling industry and its various constituents- from haulers, processors, landfills, municipalities, and businesses- to individual users.
We support recycling, not because it’s the best we can do, but because it’s the least we can do.
While recycling is needed and beneficial, it’s value pales in comparison to avoiding waste in the first place. Because, after all, when we recycle, we are recycling our “waste”.
A significant impact could be achieved through smarter product and packaging design, and sharing-economy models that eliminate the need for ownership of more stuff. We’ve already seen successful examples, like Springo water stations that eliminate the need for water bottles during events, and sharing models like Uber, BCycle and airbnb.
While NRC promises to work hard to improve recycling systems in Nebraska, we know that ultimately, minimizing waste will have a bigger impact than managing it, and we need to keep that in mind.
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2) Schedule your “on-site review”, a waste assessment that can refresh your recycling program and bring it up to date on the latest and greatest best practices.