We need your help!

The Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC) is developing a program to test the viability of creating compost at feedlot sites for cropland use. The large quantities of organic wastes generated by animal feeding operations, when combined with yard and wood waste collected by municipalities could provide valuable field scale fertilizer that is better for soil and water health than manure alone, while also reducing costs for municipalities and providing a value-added product for feedlots and/or private compost businesses or cooperatives.

While there are substantial benefits to feedlot composting, each stakeholder in the process faces challenges that must be overcome to participate. The knowledge, thoughts, and opinions of feedlot owners, farmers, compost operators, and municipalities will be invaluable in helping us to outline program strategies that infuse best practices and promote measurable feedlot composting initiatives.

 Please pass this flyer on to any other feedlot owners, farmers, compost operators, and municipalities.

If you or someone on your staff are willing to share your thoughts on feedlot composting with us, please contact: Program Director Kaya Smith at [email protected]