Take a tour of the sustainable practices at St. Julien Hotel & Spa. Learn about their environmental commitment, successes, waste diversion and “green handed” programs. Find out about their zero waste goals and how they are achieving them.

Josh Rheingold, Sustainability Coordinator, St. Julien Hotel and Spa, is from southern California. He went to CU Boulder and studied evolutionary biology and environmental justice. He spent the summer of 2013 traveling the US Southwest learning about our energy infrastructure and its relationship to the environment. Josh visited fracking sites, hydroelectric dams, and coal power plants during that trip. That trip was the first major instance in his life that got him thinking about going into a career in sustainability. Since graduating college in 2014, he spent a year in Vietnam teaching English and another year traveling around SE Asia and New Zealand. Since returning to the states, he has worked at the St Julien Hotel and Spa as the sustainability coordinator.

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