Free Webinar
Wednesday, March 6th
12:00 – 1:00 pm

Successful construction waste management planning predicts the types and quantities of waste materials generated, determines the most cost effective outlet for these materials, assigns responsibility for oversight and equips the team with the handling instructions needed to meet project goals. Daniel Hartsig, Director of Project Management at WasteCap Wisconsin will highlight the key characteristics of each of these areas and why they’re important to the project team.

Lincoln Public Schools requires that all recyclable material such as wood, metal, and cardboard be separated from trash during building and remodeling projects to divert as much of this waste from the landfill as possible. Brittney Albin, Sustainability Coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools will talk about contract requirements, oversight, and outcomes on their building and remodeling projects since implementing this policy.

WasteCap Wisconsin is a 20 year-old environmental nonprofit dedicated to turning waste into resources. They assist organizations in the upper midwest in their zero waste journey, and provide solutions and oversight for construction and demolition teams seeking to increase their material reuse and waste diversion efforts. Daniel Hartsig is the Director of Project Management at WasteCap. He joined the team in 2017, bringing with him 10 years of experience in sustainable building design and operation across the globe. He now focuses on waste reduction in operations and diversion of construction waste from the landfill, with an emphasis on saving money and quantifying environmental benefits for marketing efforts.

Brittney Albin is the Sustainability Coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools. In this role, she manages the ongoing development and implementation of the district compost program, coordinates school recycling programs, monitors construction waste management, and provides assistance for a variety of other sustainability projects throughout the district.


This program is supported by the City of Lincoln’s Recycling Education Campaign