Tuesday, June 11th
12:00 – 1:00 PM

The Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) launched in January 2019 with the goal of harmonizing the measurement of material management programs and providing municipalities with decision-making tools that can improve recycling program performance. This free Program Assessment and Planning Tool provides participating municipalities with access to powerful analytical reports designed to measure waste diversion performance and improve programs.

Municipalities face a variety of challenges when it comes to reducing the amount of waste their communities produce. Program managers have limited time and budget which makes it difficult to properly measure the progress they are making toward achieving their diversion goals. Tracking important performance metrics and researching program improvement options can also be challenging. Without efficient access to reliable program performance reports, municipal staff can struggle to identify the best course of action to improve recycling.

Join this webinar to discover how the MMP will help municipalities overcome these challenges and improve their waste & recycling programs.

Josh Reid is the Municipal Services Manager at Emerge Knowledge, the developers of Re-TRAC Connect. He leads the development, implementation, and management of all services designed for municipalities, including the Municipal Measurement Program.