Join our webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd from noon-1pm, when Allen Langdon from Recycle BC will provide an overview of the Recycle BC program, the first 100% Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program in North America where industry assumes full financial and managerial responsibility for the residential recycling system.  In its three and a half years of existence, Recycle BC has reorganized the curbside collection program in British Columbia to a system where collection and sorting are based on whether the materials are 2-dimentional fibers or 3-dimensional containers and where all communities accept the same materials in their curbside programs.  Recycle BC has also developed a post-collection system comprised of Receiving, Consolidation, and Transfer (RCT) Facilities and Pre-Conditioning Facilities (PCF) all feed into one Container Recovery Facility that can be upgraded and improved upon quickly, and by working with packaging manufacturers to plan for new packaging designs. Building on this system, Recycle BC is now focusing its efforts to improve and optimize the residential recycling systems within the context of shifting global markets and an increased emphasis on quality material.