Materials recovery is changing rapidly. Some are calling for a move towards sustainable materials management, and away from our traditional weight-based system. The three-year effort by China to restrict imports of secondary materials has disrupted global recycling systems, including those in the U.S. Midwest.

To make matters worse, China has announced tariffs of 25% on OCC, other fiber, scrap plastics and various metals from the United States starting on August 23 in response to tariffs imposed by the U.S. also set to begin the same day. The American recycling system going forward will be much different than historical materials recovery efforts.

Keynote speaker Jerry Powell keeps a close eye on all of these developments as the owner of three preeminent magazines serving the recycling industry. Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling update, and E-Scrap News spotlight the latest developments in the industry. Mr. Powell also aids in the management of three annual conferences, the E-Scrap Conference, the Plastics Recycling Conference, and the Resource Recycling Conference, some of which are the world’s largest in their fields. NRC staff has attended the Resource Recycling Conference and we give it rave reviews.

Prior to his publishing career, Jerry founded and managed a recycling consulting firm for a decade, and founded and managed a recycling business in Portland, Oregon for more than eight years. He is past three-time chair of the National Recycling Coalition and the three-time chair of the board of a state recycling association. A well-seasoned keynote, Jerry has spoken on waste management and recycling issues in 48 states, five Canadian provinces and seven foreign countries.