Willa DiCostanzo is the Waste Diversion Coordinator for the City of Lincoln. Willa has a degree in Environmental Studies and English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has worked for the City of Lincoln for nearly eight years in a variety of positions. Most recently, Willa worked at the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department as an Environmental Educator for the Keep Lincoln and Lancaster County Beautiful program as well as the Toxics Reduction Program for Household Hazardous Waste. She is the treasurer of Lincoln Earth Day and is actively engaged throughout the Lincoln and Lancaster County community. Willa is passionate about issues related to environmental sustainability, waste reduction and diversion and living harmoniously with our natural environment.

“Now is the time,” says Willa, “to help empower each citizen to reduce their footprint through reducing, repairing, rejecting and rethinking the actions we make every day that produce trash. Conscious consumption is a mindful practice that will significantly reduce the demand humans are creating to source so much virgin material (i.e. wood pulp, oil, aluminum) from the ground. We must make the effort to protect the environment for our future with the decisions we make and we must start to practice that change today.”