What a wonderful time…to become a member!

Published January 17, 2018

If you’re considering a membership with NRC, now is the perfect time to join! We have switched to a calendar year renewal system, making the process more efficient for us and hopefully easier for you, too. And you may have noticed the small celebration of *ahem* New Year’s recently.

What’s in it for you?
Membership comes with many perks, such as free and discounted services, a listing on our website, and the opportunity to win an award at our Annual Awards Luncheon and receive recognition for your accomplishments in waste reduction and recycling. We are also introducing…

The NEW member directory!
The benefit here is two-fold. Members will be listed in the directory, giving them more exposure. And members will receive the directory, complete with contact information to stimulate networking and collaboration. It’s not too late to be listed in the directory! Join by January 25th to be included.

Is *right now* the only time you can join?
Nope! You can join ANY time. We will prorate your membership for this year based on when you join and then begin your calendar year renewal Jan 1. You will still receive a member directory, but your listing will begin next year.

We love our members!
We are so thankful for our members, who help keep our organization going and who join us in the continuing efforts toward a cleaner, healthier Earth. Our members are our friends, and we hope you will be our friend, too.